F1 Savannah cats are very difficult to reproduce. First of all, the meeting of two different cats breed leads to several problems: The first one being a problem of logistics; the female is much smaller than the male. Often the male will refuse to mate a female who is not of his breed.  Other difficulty; the gestation period of a serval is 73 days while a domestic cat is from 63 to 67 days. It happens frequently that a pregnant female (serval as the father) will give birth after 63 days of gestation. The kittens will seem to her premature and she may refuse to feed them.
Some problems due to the size of the kittens are also possible. Female will have a miscarriage after about three weeks of gestation in these cases.
It should be noted that the female Bengal or Savannah does not suffer from these situations usually.
As my friend Doreen Boileau says, every little savannah F1 is a small miracle in itself!!

For all these reasons, the price for kittens is high.

  •  F2 Savannah Pet quality Kitten: 7000 $ to 10 000$
  • Savannah Breeder Kitten: To be discussed
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